OSET's Dirt Bike Show Success

OSET?s Dirt Bike Show Success

The 2014 Dirt Bike Show proved to be a phenomenal success for OSET Bikes.  The company has grown in the last 10 years from a small sideshow to now the main event in Hall 3, attracting hundreds of visitors to the stand.  Amongst them off-road enthusiast and legendary north east comic Ross Noble called by to say hi and see what was new for his OSET-riding daughter.

A team of 10 demo riders performed throughout the four days and were joined by Superbike Magazine?s Chris Northover.  He performed three shows a day on the OSET 20 ? the same model he used in his sensational Storm the Embassy video ? where he dared to risk it for Rich Tea biscuit.

The two new models launched at the event were vying for attention from the off-road crowd keen to get to know more about the motocross MX-10 and the concept OSET 24.  Ian Smith, founder and CEO of OSET Bikes, said: ?We?re working towards Summer 2015 for the MX-10 to go into production and we?ll know nearer the time where we?ll set the price.  In terms of the OSET 24 ? we were delighted by the positive feedback and so will look to move that project forward.  It was really exciting to get such an overwhelmingly positive response to two of the bikes we have been working hard to develop.?

Unsurprisingly the OSET Have a Gos were immensely popular and were inundated all weekend ? giving the team barely time to dunk a rich tea (the biscuit of choice for the show).

Simon Armstrong, sales manager for OSET Bikes, added: ?I think Santa Claus is going to have a sleigh full of OSET?s this year!  And from a purely business perspective, we were selling bikes within 48 hours of the show as a direct result of what dealers had seen.?

OSET grabbed the media?s attention too with interviews and filming of the demo riders by the BBC and Motors TV.  Other high profile riders that came to check out OSET were Jack Challoner, Ben Hemingway and James Hillier.  The ?widow-maker?, a tongue in cheek name for a supped up 48v 12.5 OSET was offered as a fun ride ? all that dared to have go, were impressed by the power and all stayed upright.  The same bike was wheelied the length of the start finish straight at Donington by Oliver Smith earlier this year.

And finally, the latest edition of OSET Rider Magazine was also up for grabs and saw nearly 2,000 copies given away over the course of the show.  While eight youngsters left the show delighted to have been awarded goody bags for being first to the stand each day.